Broadway  Experience teaches in a family environment. It's a place where children and young adults learn the fundamentals of theatre, develop a sense of self, and spark a love for the fine arts.  We offer a cost-effective, quality program where a positive teaching process results in a positive product.

KIDS are the foundation of our target group. We nurture young  aspiring performers by providing the skills they need to attain personal goals and maximum growth within the organization.

TEENS gain performing experience and emerge from the program as confident young adults empowered to make decisions and share their learning with younger members.

ADULTS complement the learning experience through mentoring and role-modeling, and share in organizational decision-making.

"Inspiring and educating each new generation..."

A 501(c) 3 non-profit educational organization founded in 2003

Broadway Experience provides a safe place for children and young adults to develop  personality, self-confidence,  and poise. By offering a positive alternative to school-based  programs,  every performer gets an opportunity to blossom and perform in a setting that is supportive of individual achievement  by kids and instructors alike.

While participating in Broadway Experience, each member should expect to:

• Raise self-esteem
• Perform better in school
• Develop a sense of purpose
• Enjoy a safe and nurturing family environment

Barbara Hinrichsen
(founder and director)
brings over 20 years of
directing experience, a
background in performing,
and a passion for teaching
young and old the art
of musical theatre.
April 12-14 2019

Summer Musical
We are located in Upland, CA across from Cable Airport and adjacent to
The Theatre Company.
Come see our shows and support community theatre in Upland!
1400 N Benson Ave
Upland, CA 91786